10 Conservatives Just Surprised Meghan McCain After Funeral Attack On Trump — Was It Too Far? (Video)

I was appalled at Meghan McCain’s attack on President Trump at her father’s funeral. So was America. That was neither the time or place for such political theater and vitriol.

During her eulogy for her father Senator John McCain (R-AZ) last Saturday in Washington, DC, at the National Cathedral, Meghan McCain took a number of serious jabs at her father’s political rival, President Trump. It has never been a secret that the two men didn’t care for or respect each other, but this was over the top.

“John Sidney McCain III was many things. He was a sailor, he was an aviator, he was a husband, he was a warrior, he was a prisoner, he was a hero, he was a congressman, he was a senator, he was nominee for president of the United States,” said a tearful Meghan McCain. “These are all of the titles and roles of a life that’s been well-lived. They’re not the greatest of his titles nor the most important of his roles.”

She then took a notable swipe at Trump who she did not mention by name, “He was a great man. We gather to mourn the passing of American greatness, the real thing, not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice, those that live lives of comfort and privilege while he suffered and served.”

She wasn’t done either: “The America of John McCain is generous and welcoming and bold. She’s resourceful, confident, secure. She meets her responsibilities. She speaks quietly because she’s strong. America does not boast because she has no need to.”

Meghan went on: “The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great. That fervent faith, that proven devotion, that abiding love — that is what drove my father from the fiery skies above the Red River delta to the brink of the presidency itself.”

Many were outraged by Meghan’s words. Some, such as Lindsey Graham, excused her because of her grief. Most conservatives, however, were not pleased with her decorum at her father’s send-off.

Here are takes from ten conservatives that should not surprise Meghan McCain (but probably will) after her politicized eulogy – she went too far:

1. “I think bashing [President] Trump at a funeral is very trashy, to say the least.”

2. “Meghan and her family are an entitled, arrogant, angry family who should be grateful for their life of privilege.”

3. “It was not appropriate for a family member during a eulogy to take potshots at someone else — whether the target of that vitriol was the president of the United States or anyone else. You don’t inject bitterness and hatred into funeral proceedings! Why not just honor the deceased with dignity and reverence and leave the horrible things out?”

4. “I thank Meghan McCain and her father. They taught all of us how NOT to die. Petty, disgraceful and disrespectful on all sides.”

5. “A shameful circus — that’s what McCain’s week-long, unending dirge was. I’m ashamed of his family for allowing this train wreck to happen in the name of partisan politics.”

6. “[Sen. John McCain] screwed — deliberately and with malice aforethought — the American people with that final vote ‘no’ [against the repeal of Obamacare]. That is how we will remember that nasty, bitter bastard.”

7. “Obviously the eulogy she delivered was her choice, but no parting shots were needed. A disguised putdown of the president was not necessary. The service should have celebrated her father’s life, not taken shots at the president.”

8. “Even [George W.] Bush and [Barack] Obama managed to take shots at President Trump [at McCain’s funeral on Saturday]. That wasn’t the place. It was the place to celebrate a man’s life. What, they can’t control themselves even during a funeral service?”

“We are more determined to stand with President Trump and give him all the support we can.”

9. “Just shows why Meghan is on ‘The View.’ Not ready for prime time! Please ask the governor of Arizona to appoint someone who supports President Trump! The best revenge!”

10. “They turned John McCain’s funeral into a President Trump’s bashing, and I can tell you, they helped our president. We are more determined to stand with President Trump and give him all the support we can. President Trump, we are going to drain the swamp and Make America Great Again.”

These thoughts came from conservatives on social media, comments, emails and more. I could not agree more with them. The video below shows Meghan McCain during her eulogy for her father.

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