House GOP ‘screwed’ as bad political numbers pile on Trump

WASHINGTON — The political numbers look bad — very bad — for President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans less than two months from the midterm elections.

Or, in the succinct estimation of one veteran GOP strategist to NBC News, the House GOP is already “screwed.”

Several  released in the last week have placed Trump’s approval rating below 40 percent, meaning there aren’t many people outside his base who think he’s doing a great job. Recent generic ballot surveys, which measure whether voters want Republicans or Democrats in control of Congress, have pointed to .

Polls in several individual House and Senate races in states where Trump romped to victory in 2016 show tight races. And  in five Senate races in states where Trump won — North Dakota, Missouri, Arizona, Tennessee and Indiana — show contests within the surveys’ margins of error.

The timing for the GOP is abysmal — these are the first numbers in the post-Labor Day period when candidates begin ramping up their campaigns for the midterm election home stretch, and voters traditionally start to pay attention to the choices in their home districts and states.

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