Kavanaugh’s Confirmed… And TWITTER IS BURNING DOWN

Long story short? President Trump’s second nominee to the Supreme Court has just been confirmed to the court and Twitter is burning down! But since this is a reason to celebrate, lets elaborate a little yes?

After all the hoopla the Democrats have put him through, Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed. The Senate vote was very much divided along party lines when the vote occurred just a little before 4:00 PM today. After all that has happened, the allegations against our guy of sexual misconduct, the hearing, and all the harassment he and his family have had to face because of it, things are finally as they should be, but it won’t be without some opposition.

With the allegations that came against him, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved a hearing and heard the testimony of Kavanaugh and his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford. From the very beginning she has claimed that her testimony of the alleged attack is truth, and he without hesitation has denied the truth of the allegations. The whole time, the left, the right, the in-betweens have all been toe to toe fighting for what they think is really going on. It has been a circus to say the least, and so what has happened today, is truly a blessing for the truth.

Democrats got a footing when the committee paused the nomination process for an entire week so the FBI could complete their investigation. Even after the investigation was complete Democrats were complaining that the FBI did not look hard enough or long enough to come to a good conclusion. Republicans quickly responded declaring that the FBI had not discovered any corroborating witnesses to support Ford’s accusations against Kavanaugh.

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So here we  with the Senate vote of a 50-48 margin, in favor of confirming our guy to the supreme court.

Fun fact! Republican Senator Steve Daines of Montana did not attend the vote because he was attending his daughter’s wedding, and Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska voted against advancing Kavanaugh’s nomination after breaking with her party on Friday, and voted “present”.

So what is all this about Twitter BURNING DOWN!?

Check this out folks…it’s no joke.

First how about a good ‘ol fashioned and oh so predictable threat from a Democrat

One thought on “Kavanaugh’s Confirmed… And TWITTER IS BURNING DOWN

  1. We must remember the Supreme Court is to uphold the Constitution and not for political gain of a few.

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