Pence Just Annihilated Obama With Labor Day Surprise, Dropping Him With Cold Hard Truth

This is the definition of the phrase “Make America Great Again.” And Vice President Mike Pence has no issue whatsoever in shouting it out on this Labor Day weekend.

“American manufacturing is roaring back under POTUS Trump – Manufacturing job gains under this administration now average 21,000 per month compared to 8,000 per month in the four years prior. #LaborDay.” The Vice President tweeted.

And it’s 100% true. During the hard fought 2016 campaign, Donald Trump promised to revitalize industries like the coal mining and manufacturing sectors which have been hit hard by decades of job losses and overseas moves. Today both of these industries are rebounding.

The U.S. manufacturing industry actually saw a net gain of 196,000 jobs in 2017 as compared to 2016 when the industry saw a net loss of 16,000 manufacturing jobs.

During President Trump’s first year in office, American factories added jobs at the fastest pace in three years. And the manufacturing and construction industries both added a combined 406,000 jobs in 2017 while coal production was up 12 percent since the day President Trump took office. This marked an industry rebound after years of layoffs under the Barack Hussein Obama regime.

Under the Trump Administration, the overall environment for manufacturers is more business-friendly. And the business community’s optimism about the economy stems from President Trump’s election and regulatory rollback and tax cuts.

On top of all the growth that has already occurred, President Trump has made increasing the number of apprenticeships associated with blue-collar industries like construction a top priority. This moves goal is to ensure a bright future and continued sustained growth.

These are all campaign promises the President made back in 2016.

“These were all On The Campaign Trail, Donald Trump Promised To Revitalize The Coal And Manufacturing Industries. ‘Two industries that President Donald Trump repeatedly vowed to revitalize during his campaign, coal mining and manufacturing, saw employment gains in the February jobs report.’ (Alana Abramson, ‘Manufacturers Say They’re Already Seeing A ‘Trump Bump.’ But It’s Not That Simple,’ Time, 3/10/17)

During His Campaign, Donald Trump Talked At Length About Specific Industries Impacted By Government Regulation Like Manufacturing And Coal Mining, Those Industries Have Both Added Jobs In 2017.

And more to the point, those are just the overall numbers. In his campaign for the White House, Trump talked about jobs in specific industries that had been impacted by trade, regulation, and automation, jobs like those in manufacturing and coal mining. And in Trump’s first year in office, those industries also added jobs.’ (Dante Chinni, ‘Bright Spot For Trump In 2017, Job Creation Faces New Challenges,’ NBC News, 1/7/18)

Donald Trump ‘Repeatedly’ Promised On The Campaign Trail He Would ‘Revive The Coal Industry.’ ‘President-elect Donald Trump promised repeatedly throughout his campaign that he would revive the coal industry, billing himself as the ‘last shot for the miners.’ And in traditional mining areas-think parts of West Virginia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania-Trump defeated rival Hillary Clinton by large margins.’ (Justin Worland, ‘Donald Trump Says He’ll Bring Back Coal. Here’s Why He Can’t,’ Time, 11/14/16)

At A Campaign Stop In Pennsylvania, Trump Promised To Stop Other Countries From Taking Jobs From American Workers. DONALD TRUMP: ‘Erie has lost a lot, right?’ Trump said. ‘Hang in, don’t leave. I promise we can fix it so fast. We will stop these countries from taking our jobs. We will stop these countries from taking our companies.” (Donald Trump, Remarks At A Campaign Rally, Erie, PA, 8/12/16)”

Isn’t it great that we on the right finally have a president who delivers on his promises?

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